Chaos Astrology & Catholic Sacraments – Sunny day

Today has been a bright warm day here in Doerverden.  It has really felt like Summer or at least like late Spring in Indianapolis or Central New York only…the Sun set is now near 9:50pm.  The Sun moves quickly up here: as much as a 2 hour change in only 6 to 8 weeks, half in the morning and half at night.

Recent reading has included introductory reading in some of the major catholic rituals. My previous experience with religion and with ritual and the opportunity to get copies of this material all led to it.  It was as costly as a university text book in chemistry to get hold of it.  I won’t whiz through it like a cheap easy reader novel that’s for sure.

I have eaten fresh fruit grown here in the village today.

Of course it was breezy here today.  I’ve heard trees are the lungs of the world but given the way air flows around here, I wouldn’t be surprised if Doerverden is a bronchial passage of the Earth.  Inhaling somewhere is pulling wind from the East to the West, apparently.

Chaos Astrology online offers both free services and services with additional fees.  One of the freebies is a chart of the day – most days I do not look at it, but today I have.

In a news article today I saw that there seems to be real ice and water on the moons of Jupiter meaning either it is too cold for life or else there is massive amounts of life on the moons of Jupiter.  Wow.

I spent a few hours outdoors today.  Not massive amounts of time, but more than a few minutes.  The energy of Summer seems to have reached me.  I feel…energetic and vibrant and warm.  Lots of vitamin D from the Sun.  I don’t see why I should be surprised all the plants around here agree about it.

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