The Oarfish

This morning in the 3rd hour of being awake and into the 2nd cup of coffee due to what others posted into my News Feed at Facebook I learned of the existence of another creature right here on Earth.

Did I just believe it?  Actually, no I didn’t.  I did not feel I was being lied to, which matters, but I checked anyway and sure enough found multiple sources corroborating the story with multi-media evidence.  Within 5 minutes of checking to see whether or not it was the truth, I have confirmed that it is a real animal.

It is just a long fish.  The experts report that the reason most people don’t know is just that it comes from deep water and humans do not know much about what lives deep into the waters – right here on our home planet.

You know the feeling you get at the river or in a pond when something, but you don’t know what, touches you?  It was a bit  like that.

Of course, now I am happier because I have now actually learned something today.  Hopefully I’ll learn more, like how to regain some email files, but I am one of those people who looks to see the good in most situations.

By the way, yesterday’s post is over at Angie’s Diary.

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