Water is our friend.  Without water, we are pretty sure, there would be no life on Earth.  Although it is not the only necessary ingredient for human life, water is one main component of all living people.

The simple story I was told in elementary or middle school is that lightning zapped some amino acids in a lot of warm water on the surface of the Earth a very long time ago and eventually, it developed into a form of life.  In reality, that kind of event probably happened more than once, but this – they say, was the kind of thing that led to our being able to be here today.

The bottom line is that water and electricity and ‘other ingredients’ were part of it.

Water we know, on the Periodic Table does not exist, but is made from 2 innocent Hydrogen molecules bonded with just one Oxygen molecule.  Apparently this arrangement yields stability and balance.  Occultists, but also people who are referring to Aristotle or those who are looking at the world in a scientific way, but without lots of expensive or even sophisticated scientific equipment may often call water ‘an element’…the same way air and fire are…but not the same way that atomic elements in the Period Table of Elements are.  However, there is a strong relationship between these items in every case.

Another point about water worth mentioning is that, if there isn’t enough of it in the air, we can’t even breathe.  Normally, we think of fish as breathing water, but really they breathe air like we do  – mainly oxygen, but they need way more water in their air than we do, to make it so they can stand the nitrogen and hydrogen and other atomic elemental components of air that come with the oxygen.

Finally a point about “self”.  My view is that for everyone: while any of this material is actually in and being used by one’s body and mind, whatever it is can be considered to be part of oneself…but as soon as it gets excreted through whatever method, or banished, or no longer thought…then a lot that was self is now ‘not self’ …but with every inhalation and drinking of water and eating and digesting…and often when we read or learn or find a new idea or practice and think about it…then ‘not self’ becomes self’.  Due to this, I believe it is possible to reach some type of ‘compromise’ with the philosophies – often spiritual ones, including our basic theistic ‘spirit creates the world, including humans…and God’s great gift to humans is that we have the role of being able to have self awareness and to be aware of the deity and the truth thereof whereas most creatures do not have the power to do that at all….[most of these include ‘I is real’ ‘there is a self’…there is individual spirit, mind and body….and the flip side of that where other philosophers who focus more on how changeable this all is, and how interdependent the repetitious transformation of ‘not self to self and self to not self’ on many levels and not only on the level of one’s very body but even at that level…My claim is that both make sense…Saying that no mountain exists because if we look at all of time as a whole, there will not always be a mountain in the same place and in the same condition makes sense on that level, but for the sake of living sanely, it is obviously true that the mountains of today are really here.  Each of us does really exist even though we change all the time and come and go….but the observation that there is all the interdependence and transformation and composition…is also true.

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