The beauty of cool Germany

The weather today in Northwestern Germany was cool enough to wear a light jacket but warm enough that if running or riding a bike or otherwise vigorously active – the jacket would become ‘too much’ to prevent getting hot.  Today I am in a good mood; unlike most of the heat and drought stricken USA, we had more rain today and we definitely are not having a heat wave.

The corn and sunflowers look nice together and both are growing nice and tall this time of year.

My son and his junior moustache was here and then I went out to teach a little English and saw another fellow with the exact same type of junior moustache at the local train station, just as nature’s way to remind us of just how normal and universal these developments really are.
I taught a little English in the next village. It was enjoyable and they really appreciated me.

I am also happy because my son’s father Stefan fixed my bicycle problem even though he has a ‘newer wife’…but now she has been with him long enough that I won’t call her ‘his shiny new wife’.  It will be another couple of years before she has spent more years with him ‘up close and personal’ than I have…although in some ways she may already have. In reality, it is more likely to be a situation where the different personality mixture yields a dynamic which, although similar in some respects is actually unique.  If it didn’t involve sexual rivalries we would not hesitate to just see it as justifying why many of us like to have more than one friend – because each is unique.

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