The truth about brass bowls

The phrase ‘brass bowls’ has more than one meaning.  One is the marijuana subculture.  Another is Buddhist ‘subculture’ or culture – depending upon one’s nation.  Surely, the phrase has additional meanings in automotive, industrial or even home appliance contexts.

The truth is that brass makes excellent drinking vessels or better yet storage vessels for water.  The real reason is that the zinc in the brass is antibacterial – helping the water to stay safer to drink.  I only know because I looked it up on the Internet.

Brass bowls conduct heat but compared to copper, and offer significant resistance.  Compared to the steel many of us have grown accustomed to, brass wou.ld still be rated as ‘hypersensitive’ to changes in temperature.

Brass bowls can also hold fire and in a pinch can be used as a cooking surface, or as the heater for a mini-spa/sauna or to humidify a dry room or to treat minor illness.

Brass bowls can also be used for bells, they ring true in a variety of ways.  Some can be made to ‘sing’ much like wine glasses can be made to ‘sing’.  This can be rewarding and practical or an idle use of one’s time depending upon who, how and when.

Brass bowls have been involved in some forms of meditation but like with tarot cards – if you have them but have no idea of how to use them either it works without your understanding or it doesn’t work because there is no understanding.

Brass bowls are on the market – and while not normally sold together with brass candlesticks can be purchased as part of an individual’s matching set.  You can use them as ritual equipment or just to have a little light in a cheap dark room and a bowl that keeps your soup warm longer…You know, so even though that’s all you have you at least have the ‘groovy’ matching candlestick and bowl.

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