Teen Spirit in Germany: where the rooster crows

Well, welcome back to those of you reading this note again today.  For those of you who are new welcome.  This blog ranges from the very personal, to plugging the author’s professional writings to servicing other writers or wannabe and sometimes includes ‘some of the above’ in a manner reminiscent of those old toy kaleidoscopes where you look into it and rotate the circle at the other end and little bits and pieces of colors move around and its pretty and its fun.

I now live closer to a rooster than to the sheep ‘from behind the other place’.  That bunch is very short haired for sheep, quite ‘goat like’ for sheep and they are a nice family with one male.  As far as I can tell many of the birds and horses are less like Mormons, in that they don’t all just share the same male, and get more into ‘being a couple’.  Anyways, I am pretty sure about one goat couple and I feel a bit mildly disgusted because I haven’t a boyfriend for way too long but have also seen more animal sexuality than I ever had before in my life.  So, instead of knowing who flirts with who in the office, I know which goats are screwing each other in the nearest fold.

Meanwhile, the “Now he’s as tall as his father” 16 year old accompanied me on an errand today and we had some ‘high quality communication’.  Finding my own way as a 44 year old and helping a 16 year old to find his way at the same time is somehow challenging at times.

Meanwhile, I have made a few submissions and haven’t given up all hope.  I hope to get the twine out of my bike – mumble mumble.  Until next time:  have a good day.

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