This one is for writers – and anyone else interested

Today, I went back to Linkedin Writer’s Groups looking for something relevant to being a writer.  What worked its magic today was a blog post by another author at her website.  This is included to facilitate the interactive quality that one sometimes hopes for.

Using groups and interaction are often helpful to me, personally and professionally.  I do not view myself as a ‘loner’ type and I don’t like isolation but one must tolerate conditions and they can change and are not always easy to deal with.  Something more of ‘my stuff’ and ‘my presentation’ is probably going to actually happen because of what Jane wrote and did.  Let’s face it; that means something.

Today is today again

Yes, by 9 pm it was dark.  Yesterday I went on about this, because 6 weeks ago it was not true.  The weather locally was nice.  I believe I saw 6 of the local horses today – you know I’ve been here long enough to justify learning who is who.  My feet were dipped into the Weser today:  ‘sounds like Visa’ but is a German word instead.  The Moon really looks like a satellite floating around off the planet but closer to Earth than most of the other stuff we see in the sky – except for the ‘floaters’ which are really tiny bits of things right on the eyeball, looking bigger than they really are.

I was allowed to and able to teach a litte English today – around here.

Last week, the big thrills, before my son returned, were:  1) a horse who hadn’t met me before came when I invited them to come close enough for me to say ‘Hi’ by touching the top of the nose and 2) the Fitness-Fabrik [think global, act local].

What?! You mean it’s already dark?!

Cool Germany returns here during harvest season [Lammas to the Druidic, Wiccan and Asatru friends].  Tonight it is almost dark out and still 10 minutes before 9pm.  Earlier today my son and I discussed why there is a bizarre psychological reaction to this.  6 weeks ago, this was well before dusk, that is really why it seems a bit of a shock.  The speed with which the light changes in this country is bit like what happens to the garden in the Spring if one ignores it for 3 weeks it gets out of control, but with daily attention, it is not normally overwhelming.  Now, at Winter Solstice at this hour it will have been dark already for 4 hours [Cra-zy as Johnny Rotten, but true as him to].  So, this is perfectly normal.

This evening I have read an article from 10 years ago by the 14th Dalai Lama – look up in the sky, because there is a good chance he is ‘in flight’ right now, given how much he travels these days.  One would have thought that would be nothing but an idle joke but it isn’t.  I believe he has used an aircraft 100 days or more of 2011.  Seriously, in flight.  We need to ask him about whether or not meditating is different when someplace higher than the Himalayas.  Then perhaps offer a green sweet frozen water stick to take the edge off of any tensions which may have mounted.

The article was good.  They are doing to Tibet what most Westerners would expect:  they get roads and literacy, but they lose a lot of forest and are getting minerals mined and they are not being given an honest choice.  They have also been overrrun by their nearest neighbors in a sort of trampling migration frighteningly reminiscent of what Europeans did to the Native Americans 300 years ago.  Our main solace is that most nations, tribes etc. have survived for centuries despite such things.  We have to hope they find ways to make it work out….Look at it this way, down in Latin America, there was more assimilation and less bald face murder of the natives.  Horrifying stories emerged, but given the severity of what is happening: they are being overrun by the Chinese in a major all out grab for everything from physical space to trees….we hope to support it occurring in a way such that…let’s say maybe the Chinese descendants will all celebrate some Tibetan holidays and be able to sing a few Tibetan songs and admire their old alphabet like Europeans view Celtic grooviness in the 21st century.  I think you all know what I’m saying.

Handling those recovering from warfare

Well, we all know that during the past 10+ years now, the USA has been openly at war.  Often, when not openly so, there have been a small portion of the populace who have been involved in some type of ‘legal warfare in the service of the community [law enforcement agents] or the nation [military forces]’ over and above another small portion who have been engaged in illegal warfare [gangs, vigilantes, other]. 

On some level we all deal with this every day.  Many have argued that video games and violent TV shows have desenstized people to these matters.  Others may be more like me, and amongst everyone they know…really just a few are military or law enforcement veterans who have contended with extremely difficult life threatening situations or have been a serious danger and threat to other human beings – directly, rather than indirectly. 

Personally, I believe that there is a place for ‘the warrior’ in society but that one needs to really take care and think through what makes the use of force actually necessary.  They say that the greatest way for evil to triumph is when the good do not take action.  For everyone who has struggled and won but not without enduring substantial suffering, it is well known that ‘that doesn’t make it easy’. 

I believe it important to help the re-civilianization of our military veterans and to understand that regardless of whether they performed nonviolent or violent service, they have had intense experience.

The good news is that I personally believe that cheerful, fun, and good feeling experiences are as powerful or even more so than unpleasant experiences despite arguments to the contrary.  The best approach is generally to see that it may take people some time to readjust and like all of us, the veterans are living forward not backward in time.  There may be times when any of us seems ‘stuck’ or frozen in time by overwhelming events.  Even so, little by little daily living  can produce helpful changes. 

The main thing is most likely to just not expect people to be the way they used to be.  Keep in mind that we see this as true and good when it is sex, or birth of a first child or marriage or college education or if someone becomes a dancer or loses weight…and it is also true for people who have had difficult and unpleasant experiences whether from war, or domestic losses or serious illnesses.  Many are aware that wars leave certain types of ‘marks’ on people…If we are patient and compassionate and respectful of our veterans that should ease the transition – it won’t always make it a cinch for them, but it will at least help us all with one factor we can often control: attitude.

Schmuck Jewelry and Aristocrats

Sven in having one of those days where he is able to include his main parental figures even though his parents are not together in the ordinary married or coupled sense of things but his father repaired his mother’s bicycle and Sven has spent time with both today.

Sven explained how he is going to have to find out about the situation regarding intercontinental D&D games using Skype with ‘the Swedes’ – some of whom pulled an all nighter last night…and ended up being ‘debriefed’ about the aristocrats Kate & William, or Prince William and now-Princess Kate [Middleton] ….I’m not sure what to say about their last names beyond writing the obvious that they are ‘House of Windsor’ people….and having checked for confirmation today, apparently that as their grandmother is Queen Elizabeth 2 – just like both the Cruise Ship Line and the Canadian Highway running through Southern Ontario…I think it is that she is Queen of England and Duchess of Saxony at the same time….or else, my ignorance about aristocracy runs so deep that despite having gathered information to that effect on the Internet I’m still ‘off base’ about something.  I don’t know if the levels of Princes: Phillip, then Charles then William [and Harry] currently also have titles for Saxony or if it is that whoever follows QE2 will become the Duke of Saxony and that it is correct that the present situation means she is the Duchess of Saxony supported – thank God, by Prince Phillip who is hopefully recovering from his recent bladder problem at the age of 91.

I have a schmuck jewelry ring which fits Sven better than it fits me, but we both like the style and it was so cute that I bought it…it turns out that it is done in Kate’s engagement ring which came from Diana – whom we all adored, despite her difficulties and premature end.   That is not much of a tie-in but we’re living as Americans and American-German dual citizens due to beliefs about citizenship with legitimate concerns about political and military and cultural and religious alliances and so for me, being American but not German with a dual citizen son, I feel more comfortable knowing that this is about the most English part of Germany one can get….not only due to the occupation after the 20th century wars but also thanks to what might be ‘personal union’ of the Queen and Princes [with King William and Princess/Queen? Kate to follow] being Duchess of Saxony.

I apologize if that was redundant.

More of the patio has been cleared.

Sven is back and movies – including one about forgetting children & psychosis

This blog is being written starting at 7:05pm local time.  The big excitement today is that the other Okrongli folk have returned from their family holiday and as a consequence my son has returned.  Obviously, it is quite nice to have him with me again.  One big challenge of sharing custody so much relates to ‘issues about control’.  I did not wish to not have time with him for 2 weeks designated by people who did not ask me for my opinion in the matter although I am a custodial parent and do not only have visitation rights…but seeing as I could trust the baby’s father when he was with me, in general I am aware that I can continue to trust him with the same baby even though he is not romantically tethered to me. 

Fitness Fabrik & Christian Ritual Books

Most of today I was at home.  Now, here’s some truth.  It would be normal to describe how it was, while I was here by saying that I was by myself – home alone.  That is one of those statements which makes perfect sense: there was not another human being here with whom I interacted much, within the same residence.  I did see one of the new neighbors through the window.  There were some spiders in the place – and they got lucky and lived whereas more flies were slaughtered by me.  Much as I hope that humanity will outgrow violence within our own species I am not innocent from slaying other creatures at times.  However, in terms of hunting, insects are the bottom level of hunting.  I mean, if one can’t kill a bug, then one really has no hope of becoming a hunter or huntress.

Outside I lived off the fruits of Summer.  Right now: here is a reminder of how ‘rich’ does not always equal cash.  Although cash poor recently, it is so rich around here that I had some ‘rich’ rather than ‘poor’ experiences and one was how fruit bearing trees were practically handing me food – really, please, here, I have plenty.  I ate 4 pieces of the freshest possible fruit grown by trees who have been breathing the same air and experiencing the same weather as my self for a deeply local feeling.  It is so rich around here right now, that plants are starting to just release free food.

Earlier in the day I read a little more about some Christian rituals.  I picked up the information from the Catholics…What really happened was that I love JC but was always UU and when I ended up learning rituals, I had gone outside of the normal play pen of Christianity to find and learn them…but my intention had not ever been to find a new religion but to fill in some gaps of knowledge and experience in relation to church.  You may or may not know, but Unitarian Universalists have – for the most part, de-emphasized ritual within the church, as something that just causes undo clutter in religious practice and that is why I did not learn through ‘reception’ lots of Christian or other rites there.  Because of that, I decided to see about getting more information about some specifically Christian rites – because I was finding it easier to get information on other types of rites….while navigating delicate inter-denominational and psychological religious-philosophical terrain.  Something came up that made me uncomfortable but then I ‘got lucky’ and got hold of some Catholic rites.  I have only been to one Catholic service and was raised to fear them and told they were often bad if only due to being so sexist.  So, I am very grateful to receive the information without harrassment relating to my other experience of my gender.

The big tip off today was something that is common knowledge to so many:  the Church is the so-called ‘Bride of Christ’.  I  believe yesterday I posted the city of Jerusalem as being ‘JC’s woman’ and am very uncomfortable with passing on falsehood due to having been misinformed…Which is really why sometimes I wonder about and look into things or conditions which are supposedly well known to be true…In case I or someone else accidentally passed on bad information and in the case that someone used deceit intentionally.

Anyway, the information is good.  I was deeply disturbed when I heard that this year the UUA declared itself ‘not Christian’ officially because I grew up UU thinking we were Protestant Christians, and I wasn’t looking for that to be changed.