Doerverden’s Symbol

Yesterday’s post poked at, but did not directly address how the sign for the town tells people so much.  The symbol of this village is blue and white.  There is a windmill – an old fashioned one, above a squiggly line – which is a river.  Underneath there are 2 horses but done stylistically as crossed wooden sticks [cricket bats?] with horse heads at the end.

The first year I lived here I knew it, but it did not seem very ‘deep’.  Now, this Summer I have been to the river, made a little game of counting the local horses and have seen windmills from the riverbank – there is also an old fashioned wind mill closer to the center of town.

Really, that is only a few repetitions but there they are once again:  windmill, river, horses.  Once again, this is what I was getting at yesterday with the comments about the Germans being direct even though the language barrier makes it confusing.

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