Why my Dad should have retired to Germany

OK, hopefully my father will not feel overly exposed when I share this.  My father grew up out in Southern California but migrated Eastward.  Even in Central and Western NY state, he still complained of the heat in the Summer.  As it happens he also studied German.  He actually met my mother in German lessons when they were college students [that’s university to the British].  He took his German studies a bit further for his PhD but didn’t tell me that until after I had been living in Germany for nearly 2 years and over 15 years ago had planned to finish my German philosophy studies while doing the international child rearing activity because that would be so practical – learning German for the doctorate to consolidate teaching philosophy as a professor specialized in deceased German philosophers of the 19th century:  Say Hegel and Nietzsche – my fab faves of dead German thinkers.  However, that plan was marred if not utterly destroyed years ago, but I am still trying to behave like, get some publications out in philosophy and would like to teach more philosophy.  The way that was messed up derailed the practicality of my spending a few years in Germany – but my son’s ‘need’ to be here as he is not foreign…even though he is also not foreign in the USA remained.  It was not my intention to sacrifice my personal goals to raise my kid nor to sacrifice my child’s well being to my personal more selfish interests.

That having gone into very self-centred realms, we can snap back out of it and notice that we have noticed how cool Germany is.  The heat broke again so today, although it is still warm is not as warm or Sunny as yesterday.  Nietzsche wrote that people should live where the climate suits them – which makes sense.  My father would probably prefer Germany because it does not get hot here.  That was the real point.

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