Ken Wilber’s 4 quadrants

Ken Wilber’s 4 quadrants.  Have a quick look at this.  While Buddhists do deal with the whole of reality, their area of expertise is the subjective mind.
That statement is true, but so general that if you learn all about it, it may seem false later on or still true but very vague….Vague like, “I’m from the USA,” is true but there is so much that does not tell you.
OK, not to condescend to anyone, what happened is that yesterday I learned about the “Press this” button at a blog that allows me to re-blog from another person’s blog.

On being in Germany:  I’ve done a bike ride, been down to the river Weser…seen 10 horses, 1 pony, 15 people, and did have time with my son.

On using the German language here in Germany.  I spoke German for maybe 15 to 30 seconds today and heard 2 local people around 26 years old respond in the German language.  I think they described today as being “endlich”  which I think is good.

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