Some lady from the FB friends list – another writer

When Characters Take Over….  is a good little blog/article by Adriana Ryan.  I am not sure how much regular people think about creative concerns of authors and other writers.  Obviously, for authors it is a common theme.  In the article Adriana writes exclusively from a ‘mundane world view’ about it, which is legitimate.

For those of you who have read the post at Uranian Fiction “How writers transcend the ego” this will seem strangely familiar.  To those who have not, I encourage you to.

There is an even more mystical side to this.  In my own experience in some but definitely not all cases, writers can have paranormal experiences while writing.  This has only happened to me a few times, mostly during one short fiction story writing session but it was incredible when it happened.  I think astral projection or telepathy took place – not as plot or fictional character, but somehow while writing the story: somehow it was that self-transcendent.  Weird I know, but that was so cool I wanted to share.  It happened a long time ago…To describe what it was like…I’d say it was like the difference between having a healthy good sexual encounter and seeing a photo of someone you’ve never met and finding the person attractive.  Or, another way to describe how it differed from ‘normal use of the creative imagination’ was like the difference between the home video game Pong from 1980 and the special effects for most blockbuster films made in the 21st century so far.  So, wow, huh.  The results were not any different from those obtained from mundane creative development of fictional characters but the experience of doing the writing was in that case a bit unusual.

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