Daily Chat

http://uranianfiction.com/  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w3Nd2QCdpu8&list=PL6AA64C0051DA40E0&index=63&feature=plpp_video

OK, today’s links are to my website and to this charming Tibetan man who lives in India – he’s one of those high lamas, but I think he doubles as ‘a short guy’ to me….but maybe not to Turks, the Irish or many a Mexican.  In fact, there are German men in this village who are not taller than he is, but I am inches taller than they are as well.  I connected really well with the guy in the robes despite age, cultural and religious differences…without dredging up class etc..

There was more about what Uranus really means – other than snarky teen-spirit types of suggestions: as usual, the astronomers and astrologers will give best results.  The astronomers are wonderfully objective and the astrologers will give you the feeling it does have something to do with you – personally.  That can feel better or worse – depending on what ‘they’ are after.

Right now I am just blogging to blog.  I see that Barb Shoup the YA novelist is in Italy on holiday and Meredith Eastwood also showed up in my FB News Feed.  I met her at UUI in Indianapolis, but was also in the same exercise class at a local Y a couple of times.  I might know her better now, from FB than I did from attending UUI.  In truth, I wanted to be able to attend a U or UU church again today – in person, but could not.

15 years ago, I lived in England and attended Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Chapel regularly, but depended upon my pre-marriage beaux ‘baby father’ – concubine style, for the ride.  He and the baby were willing to come with me.  OMG, what kind of girl am I, to get her beaux to go to church?!  LOL.

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