Ken Wilber as Alan Watts’ secret brain love child?! is generous with freebies and provides decent service for those in the know.

Ken Wilber is a great living American philosopher who has also gone to the trouble of learning meditation like…like most Americans never do.  He knows our Western tradition and has liased with the Buddhists and often still makes sense.  Some people just end up drooling or blithering all kinds of post Star Wars gibberish.

He was not biologically sired by Alan Watts, but for those seeking a history…Alan Watts is one of the few people who could even deal with the reality of the cross cultural and trans=religious situation.  …For anyone who saw or heard of Chogyam Trungpa and thought he seemed a little crazy or made very little sense, Alan Watts can help normal Westerners regain perspective and realize that they might have learned something but don’t need to get a migraine or a religious conversion from it.  Luckily, no spinal tap will be needed either.

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