The 5 Big Questions in Life – first release, and pre-orders open!

People do wonder about ‘it all’: what is the meaning of life?  Is there a God?  Is there more to right and wrong than what they told us at church?  Here is an accessible little book for people who want real tips to get at the actual answers to these questions, without needing years at a university or seminary to do so.  Written for people who haven’t by someone who has put in ‘massive amounts of time’ on these questions so you don’t have to, this work is intended to function like a manual for applied philosophy.

For those who just want more theory, well, wait for my trade books, not this handy little manual or go back to the library.  I love theory as well – without it we can’t make sense of any of life, but by itself it is like the difference between having the design for a building and the building itself.  You won’t have much luck getting a good building without a design, but…

Available immediately at Uranian Fiction in electronic format, pre-orders being accepted for a hard cover version by blog or email, the book packs in as much information as a good map at about the same price: 7.99.

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