Advertising for Others and for Ourselves: Pininterest & Uranian Fiction

Today, something strange happened.  I was forced to further upgrade the Uranian Fiction website.  The latest little philosophy book is now available for sale there at Uranian Fiction, along with more of my work.  It may still be necessary to email me for the copy and you can pay through PayPal.  I still don’t understand the systems entirely and here is where we get into how the young people blame me for having learned old ways and now needing to learn new ways that are the only way they even know now.  Not everyone knows but a lot of people do.

Obviously I hope that the end result is going to be good; that I have taken another step on the quest for a proper marketing platform.

Really, this is Uranian – it isn’t meant to be a joke so much as unusual and extraordinary that a nonfiction work of philosophy is now out there with…Wait a minute, I forgot all about what really happened:  There is already a mixture of nonfiction and fiction in the webstore because of the ghostwriting.  Well, I had forgotten all about that…I would have thought that had meant I had lost it but Neil Gaiman made me feel better when he admitted that he had lost track of how much he had written, some times he didn’t know.  It is just like being busy at work and then later at home that night it’s like it never happened.

Sorry if you’re not really like that.  Ever since I was about 30 years old I managed to work in such a way that I don’t hate it so much that I have to go into denial afterwards except to receive the paycheck.  You know, like it was theatre or as if I was as vacant as that old Sex Pistols song while at work.  There, but not there.  You know.  You know it is pretty bad when it needs to be that way to avoid losing the rest of your [or my] marbles.  Now, normally, I do work that I can at least identify with well enough to not feel ashamed to admit to it.  You may ask yourself:  why did working retail make you feel so much shame?  Or you may know why and not want to talk about it either.

I’m going to name 2 other male names right now although I am a woman hoping you all will pay attention to my work even though I am just puny little me over here….Stephen Fry and Tai Situ.   Now, yesterday at Facebook I posted a short clip of Stephen Fry going on about philosophy and I plugged the new little book which you can now buy from Uranian Fiction.  Stephen comes out of the same Western tradition.  For all we know, the Tai Situ might just roll his eyes, take a deep calming breath and not allow himself to feel impatient or angry about how Westerners don’t meditate much and talk incessantly and think everything is knowable through discursive knowledge except for Hippies on LSD, OK.  The man has like 7 names, and calling him Tai Situ is more like saying Chancellor of University Such n Such than like saying: you, know, old Bob Blitherer, Chancellor of University Such n Such.  Well, I feel affected.  I hope the little philosophy book I put together can really help you.  If you work through it and it really doesn’t.  There is incense and there are chants you can do ‘instead’.

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