Genetic Engineering – Just Food or also Gezka FaucMerz?

Here is a link about the story of an agricultural scientist who has worked to be ‘part of the solution’ rather than ‘part of the problem’ of  ‘feeding the world’ .

Just as it says in the video that the agricultural scientists developed modified strains that can handle difficult environments, Gezka FaucMerz and other Exterior Federation humans have all been modified and descended from modified people because doing so allowed millions more human beings to be able to colonize and survive on planets and in solar systems where humans really would not have been able to survive otherwise.   Given that, it makes sense that all the people living in those regions accepted it long ago.  At the same time, it is easy to see why Earthlings get spooked by the idea of being wiped out or compared to ‘unnatural mankind’ when they like being ‘natural humanity’.

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