Today’s News

Well, the weather has reverted back to “Cool Germany”.  For those of you enduring heatwaves, well, I feel grateful to be here where it is cooler.  A few girls came by and I managed to communicate to them in German, thanks mainly to the one round of lessons.  I did start another batch of lessons, as most of you know, but it went awry rather rapidly.

Today, the 16 year old is here and I am here.  He is playing online with a girl his age who is in Sweden right now.  The new technology is so amazing this way!  At no additional fee Sven alone has spent an amount of time long distance that back in 1970 would have resulted in fees enough to support an entire family for a year – humbly, like $30K per year or something, but something like that.  Of course, it never would have happened if the fees were still that high, so there is no comparison in that sense.

In truth, I am enjoying the new place, if only because it is a change.  I can’t report that it is better than the place we moved here from.

The lifestyle I have been experiencing since moving to Germany is very different from the 10 years in Indianapolis…not that that was the same all the time, because it really wasn’t.  The first year was more about experimental marriage and going back to working full time after having the baby and having an adult and child living in the USA for the first time with a woman ‘returner’ to the native land…but new town…whereas at the end it was a single mother who is on committees at the church of the same religion she grew up in UU church, has a couple of years 12 step experience and has finally been paid to write, at least sometimes.

Speaking of writers – today I found  I would recommend it, with some hesitation only because I don’t have much experience with it.

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