The Brementown Musicians

Most of you know the story about the Brementown musicians.  It was some success late in life when a group of dejected unwanted old farm animals left the countryside and made a new life for themselves as a band.

Well, here in Doerverden, last year in 2011 the locals opened a new place, with new buildings devoted to local life and culture.  When I passed by just yesterday or the day before – I heard a little polka music and saw silver hair but also bouncy castles and younger people – the parents and the babies, all being younger people for them.

During the past week in the village, while off line due to a change of residence, I finally saw in person a couple of local mules.  I was here more than a year and a half before I saw them ‘out’ one day.  This morning I heard roosters.  Well, with the spotting of the live mules, I realized that in simple actual fact, this village has all the members of the band.  This matters because where I grew up we only had dog and cat, but not mule and rooster as well.  As a writer, this made the creative process more clear.  Up in Bremen they have statues and I have bought kitchen towels sporting the Bremen town musicians while living in a town where the whole band lives.

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