Adjusting to changing amounts of natural daylight

“You mean, I just might need to get used to it?”  Wrinkles nose, looks doubtful.

“Yes,” Middle Aged person says.

“That’s terrible!” says Young Person.  “That’s not fair!”


“Duh,” says Young Person, “I wish I had realized that sooner.  It all makes sense to me now.”

Middle Aged Person smiles, ever ready to listen.

“Bobby Smithers and Sandy Rondo-whatever her name is never get sun burned. I used to think I knew why; now I know I was wrong.  I thought they were Italian or something but its just that their parents make them walk the dogs and wash cars – outside.  They have to do chores outside.  They also play outside – at least bicycling and a couple of sports.  They never burn.”

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