A Stranger is someone Known to others

Today I was rescued by people who don’t already know me well.  Naturally, I am glad.  The trouble was not life threatening, which is also a relief.  I was out biking in the local beautific German countryside when I blew the rear tire of my bike.

Some people were going to a wedding reception and offered help and used a handy to bring in some guy I’ve never met before who in fact ‘saved the day’ with a knife and a 5 minute car ride.  I don’t know his name even now.  I’m sure other people do.  In fact, there are people who do know me: and of course to them I am no stranger, and then there are all the people who know all those people who I just met.

The first time in my life anything like that happened to me I think my parents had dropped me off to a very good, reliable care giver who wasn’t my Mom or Dad and I needed something.  This time was way more extreme because my Mom doesn’t know those people either, but since I’m 44 now, and we’ve all had some practice ‘mingling’ that helps.  Aside from having received the needed assistance I am mostly grateful that being shy or stupidly overly obstinate about being ‘independent’ didn’t make that impossible.

2 thoughts on “A Stranger is someone Known to others

  1. I’m always amazed when a stranger stops their day to help someone, and that someone is me. Sometimes we forget about the goodness in people. I’m glad you found the help you needed when you needed it.

    • miriamspia says:

      Thank you for your kind comment. Yes, it helps us immensely. I do believe we are one another’s keepers. I read your blog and watched that movie and it turned into today’s blog post!!

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