Today is called the same thing yesterday was called back then

Germany is so warm today that I cracked a one line joke about it at Facebook.  Some of you know about that, others may not.

I’d like to welcome you all today and thank you.  This is a new media for me, and learning how much it really does connect us and also how it still doesn’t is probably as challenging for me as it is for you.  A couple of months ago when I saw Ashley in person and she told she read my blog I was glad; I took it as a compliment but I also felt shocked because it meant that she all kinds of information she would not have had otherwise.  I also felt a little surprised that I felt shocked.  I then felt that I did not know ‘how I was supposed to feel’ in this type of situation as it had not come up and I had not been taught ‘etiquette for meeting readers of your blog’.  Also, it was a big shift because the only person I had been aware of as reading the blog was my Dad who is nearly 80 years old and living outside of Rochester NY with his wife being a talented and creative old man.  Scary, poor Dad, is being forced to live the role of an Old Man now, but – if it makes him feel any better – everyone who lives beyond middle age and is male ends up being an Old Man.  Also, every famous wizard we have ever heard of has also spent time as an Old Man.  Finally, both the current Catholic Pope and the Dalai Lama are currently Old Men.  So, honor the Old People, they are supposed to be enjoying being Wise Old People with big smiles and relaxed that they are forced to work frantically most of the time anymore.  LOL – no rest for wicked, but the Dalai Lama works ALL THE TIME even though he’s Old.  OK, maybe that was harsh, people love him, but it was kind of a joke about religious intolerance and how much trouble he is in if the Christians, Jews and Muslims are right…except that I’m sure 700 Million Christians at least would forgive him for not believing in ‘that one God’…If you know what I’m saying.

I even told my son yesterday, to expect that religious leader to be ‘in flight’ nowadays.  It took me months of 2011 and 2012 to figure it out but that is frighteningly true: If you watch his speaking tours you will notice that he is usually riding in an airplane.  Then he gets let out and chats and presses flesh and smiles and goes back to riding in an airplane.  Luckily, that translator guy and a few other people who he’s known for a long time are with him.  I don’t know what it is like to meditate at 30,000 feet but he probably does and if he doesn’t should find out.  After all, it could go into the Guiness Book of World Records for meditating even higher than Himalayan peaks.

I hope you all found that to be funny without being too harsh or unrealistic.  “Here’s your in flight magazine, Your Holiness.”

That was not what I expected to write today, but that’s what happened.  I’m packing to move over to where the goats are and anxious about having enough help.

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