Here’s a quick look at today.  Here, both Sun and Moon are up in the Western quarter of the sky.  The local birds are chirping.

I have accepted the reality that pigeons, like humans can live as urban and as rural creatures.

Objects that vibrate still will when there is some water in them, but it takes more to get them to, and some of the other side effects are a bit different.

My son is now so mature he that is sporting a junior mustache – that’s not just dirt above his lip. He is not full grown yet, but wow is he getting closer to it!

I found a bunch of short stories that need to help me earn money.  I either have to sell them off individually or make them a magazine and sell that way or else find other writers and get an anthology together.

Right now, my social cycle has slumped after a 2 to 3 month period of heightened activity which then ‘spiked’ or surged for a week and then came tumbling down, so to speak.  That’s just really what it’s like.


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