Forum Posts & History: a 21st century perspective

Nowadays we have the Internet.  Most of Gen Y is very familiar with it, whereas people like me from Gen X or the Baby Boomers who came before us and then World Wars of the 20th Century generation before that….we don’t know it so naturally.  It still seems new fangled and odd,  like aircraft parked near horses.

My son is part of Gen Y and has grown up with the Internet, in its commercialized, popularized condition.  Thanks to having moved to Germany, I have used the Internet 10 times more than I did ever before, even though I used the Internet to connect me with work for 5+ years prior to moving to Germany.

Part of what happened was that this made me need to learn new ways to ask about what he was doing when ‘using the computer’ had obviously become much too vague of a response, and left me without enough awareness to feel like I knew what was really going on.

To make a long story short, I learned about forum posts.  In fact, I used some forums myself and after doing that for a few weeks I decided that I now have a much better idea of what they are.  Being old enough to think in pre-Internet format, I had a revelation.  Whenever people write books in the same field as someone else, or do research, or write letters to the editor to newspaper this is all equal to submitting a forum post.  Technically, letters to the editor of newspapers could be construed as being more like a blog comment being posted, but at least we’re all in the same game now.

Perhaps that isn’t much, but it made a good way to communicate with Generation Y, and even Gen Z.  The historical tradition of texts are now ‘forum posts’ through time.

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