The Day After?

Today is the longest day of the year, but it feels to me like that was last night.  Having blogged about it yesterday, I don’t feel the same way today.  Here birds are chirping.  My teen son is in the other room.  Next week is the last day of 10th grade.  During this week, his school life has had 2 features that stand out in my mind.  They had Spirit Week and today was the day he ‘got into’.  The teens all cross-dressed/went ‘in drag’ to school.  He was told that he was the best of the bunch.  In truth he wore an evening gown – the very dress I married his father in when he was a toddler.  Yes, I cohabited/ “lived as the concubine of” my son’s father for 2 years before I married him even though we became parents as a shared mutual 27th birthday ‘present’ in the first year.  I also continued to live with him for a while – as in years, when he went back to not being my husband ‘we got divorced’.  Sven wore jewelry supplied by his stepmother – who is currently his father’s wife.  The other highlight, aside from the great cross dressing of my 16 year old 6′ tall son is that he did raise his math grade even more.  This is good because we are coping with weird aspects of the transition from living in the USA to living in Germany and how his education has been affected.

That went a bit more deeply into realities of my personal life than a Summer Solstice next day blog post seems like it should…but perhaps it intimates issues surrounding light and darkness which the day indicates.

By now in my life, I have learned that Summer Solstice can be a religious holiday or not, and not.  I have celebrated it as a nonreligious natural event worthy of note and have also celebrated it as a religious holiday thanks to contemporary druidry.

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