The Generals’ Children

Gezka was not the first child of the Generals.  Her parents had 4 older children.  She did not have much to do with them, due to the demands of military life.   As previously mentioned, when she was young she was protected from her parents.  That was a typical consequence of the genetic engineering and the military lifestyle of her parents.  Once she was old enough for them to manage, she was re-introduced to them, a bit at a time.  By the time she was 7 years old,  in Earth time, she had begun to know her relatives personally.  From ages 10 years until her 15th birthday she was with them ‘a lot’.  By many Earth standards she did not see them much even then, but given the society she was living in, they included her an amount that was considered to be normal and in the best interests of the entire family and society.

During those years, she met her siblings several times.  The longest amount of time they ever spent together in the same home was a few months.  Even so, she was proud to be part of the family.  Everyone was a great soldier or cadet, setting high expectations for each of them.

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