Doing Things Wrong

Sometimes we do things wrong.  It can happen on purpose – usually if we’re joking, or if we’re in a situation  where we know we’ll be better off by losing rather than winning.  Maybe the Boss will be out to get us if we win.  Maybe we are the Boss and well, we’re checking to see if those working for us are paying attention.  How will they handle it if the Boss makes a mistake?

Sometimes doing something wrong is a joke.  Doing it correctly is so easy, that we pretend to do it wrong, for the sake of comedy.

Sometimes doing things wrong is a Hellish nightmare.  As a source of great frustration it may be that we decided to get something accomplished, but once we got started we discovered that we needed to learn one or more things.  That need to go through the learning process instead of already getting it right – already knowing how, can be infuriating, humiliating or just overwhelming – at least until we calm down and adjust our attitudes towards what is really required.


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