The FaucMerz family and a map

OK, first things first.  In the old days, someone gave me a star map from a game I think he told me was called Universe.  It contained the names of most major stars and solar systems between here and 40 or 50 LY from here.  This helped a great deal when I figured out how to describe locations in the realm that Gezka and Kiel live in.  The joke here of course is like when someone tells you they are from the same country and the first reaction is to think this means they have met your friend So-n-So when really, the nation is huge and life sized and the people are people sized and it is like expecting an ant in your back garden to have met another ant that lives on the other side of town because its the same town.

So, until they meet Gezka and Kiel have never met.

Gezka is humble in some regards but very proud in other ways.  Four generations of ancestors were all military Generals for the Reykjavikian Empire.  [I’ve heard the people of Iceland read more during the dark season than everyone else on Earth so if the story is good, it should be translated into Icelandic and sold to them.  Hopefully they would be pleased to know there is going to be an interstellar Empire named after their capital in the future.]  She is aware of this, but the relationship that she has with her family is …normal for Naav, but unusual by our civilian Earther perspectives.  Her parents were selected for one another by their government’s military breeding program and they were able to accept their assigned spouses, and to produce their predestined offspring.  Military children are often taken from the parents for their early years because the adults of those breeds are typically too violent to leave young children with.

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