Today’s blog may not be linear in nature.  When I look out the window today I see a lot of fresh living green on the local trees.  Decades ago, Robin Williams pointed out the Spring feeling, “Yo Baby, nice foliage.  I see you have some new blossoms.”  The local shrubs literally have new blossoms – right now.

Last night, at half past 9pm I rode home from singing German hymns with ‘the girls’.  Mostly older women, but a few others also still middle aged….but as 80 is the new 60, they are probably just older middle aged women, not old women.

Here is a clip from a man who has a strange life story.  The important points to you may not be what stands out to me.  ‘Duh’.   That’s pretty normal.

Oh, when I was on that ride with the local German women, we chatted briefly about how it was still daylight.  Two weeks ago that was not true.

It was actually warm again today, not even hot, but actually warm.  In that respect I guess we have the opposite of India and the Middle East and part of Africa.

Who is Gezka FaucMerz?

Having just come from another author’s blog about characters, I’d like to introduce to you Gezka FaucMerz.

Gezka is a young woman of 23 years.  She does not think of herself as a woman or even as a human being.  There is a specific reason why that is.  Having been genetically engineered for lifetime service in Emperor Reijkyavik’s Naav, they have taught the soldier that she is a piece of military hardware.  There is great honor in this, but it is not to be confused with being ‘a person’ in the way that citizens of the Empire see themselves as people.  So, soldiering is number one but one of the best aspects of Gezka’s life is the certainty of her place in life.  In her reality there is no such thing as ‘wondering what type of work to go into’.  Also, there are no ‘marriage issues’ because as a Naav soldier, the administration will send breeding papers at ‘the right time’.  Like her parents, mates are assigned by the service to enhance the genetic modifications as part of the military’s breeding program.

Criticism of social progress

Freedom for all of the adult population has been a long time coming.  I am very pleased to learn that we have made some tangible and invisible progress.  I think this is all good.  Even so, we have a long way to go – or so it seems to me.  That includes:

Our real problem is that incarceration is legal slavery in the USA. There are numerous corporations dependent upon the slave labor of those in penitentiaries. This makes the incarceration of people – in some locations, young black men, in other locations women of all races, in other cases men in general who earn below a certian threshold or something….victims of targeted ‘re-enslavement’ without admitting that that’s what it really is. Personally, I strongly agree that being a minority does not give people the right to engage in criminal activity – but I equally strongly agree that it is necessary to nurture a just state where equality of opportunity helps to prevent the rationalization of crime – esp. amongst the poor on the oppression of other members of the same society [especially when that is the real reason].

I am against slavery. I do believe that reform for criminal behavior is a legitimate social enterprise.