A little more on Gezka FaucMerz – will also touch on real life

Gezka is a proud member of Emperor Rejkyavik’s Naav [even though, after years of practice I am still not able to spell the name of Iceland’s capital, and the capital of this intersteller off Earth empire, consistently correctly].  Her family has a recorded lineage of 5 generations serving as lifelong members of the armed forces.   Proud to be genetically engineered for this purpose – she has a strong built-in sense of purpose in life.  Unlike so many Earthlings she never doubts what the meaning of her life is.

Also unlike many insecure people in the real world, but also in other fictional realms, Gezka is not insecure about fulfilling her destiny.  She has already been able to fulfill much of it and more is on the way.  The first time this changes is when she goes AWOL one day at the age of 23 without understanding her own behavior.  Normally, her sense of self is as clear as water.

Gezka feels experienced because she is.  She began serving as an active military soldier rather than as a student cadet at the age of 15, giving her the obvious 8 years of experience of life on as well as off the battlefield.  She has been assigned to fulfill infantry duties until age 30 or until promotion or death – whichever comes first.

That is how she is when she meets Kiel Bronson for the first time.

Meanwhile, in real life: it is a beautiful warm day today in NW Germany.  I wore a skirt and rejoiced while riding my bicycle that I was on a WOMAN’S BIKE.  Women’s bicycles are designed to make it safer and easier to use WHILE WEARING A SKIRT OR DRESS.  I am unusually sensitive about this because the majority of bicycles – or at least 50% have been hand me down male style bicycles.  So it is a relief and feels special.

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