Truth & Lies

‎50% of lies are intended protect the liars personal truth, or beliefs about the truth from being attacked by others who do not believe all of the same truths. Also, there is a margin of error for every individual – since every time someone believes a lie or a falsehood – whether by accident or on purpose…the person will express that falsehood with the vigor of someone professing the truth.  *This is my personal belief.  In philosophy I was taught that the best one can do is to hold a true, justified belief.  This means that the belief is actually correct knowledge but can still called a belief – especially if in a heated argument you observe others calling your knowledge false beliefs. **This was inspired by one of the posts I read on FB today.

Meanwhile, my father constructively criticized ‘the blog’.  Well, I can tell you that I am not ProBlogger, but I have written a few blogs professionally.

Mainly, I am hoping to reach friends and people interested in Uranian Fiction with this blog….Rather like meeting an author at the pub or because she’s teaching you a class than when you meet at the book signing…This is not the only blog where I make some posts.

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