Kiel, Gezka and Today in Real Life

Let me just start by apologizing to anyone who noticed and was disappointed that I did not blog for a few days.  The reason I did not was that I didn’t have the feeling is what reaching very many people or doing what I was hoping it would do.

In the background some living Vedic Hindu spiritual master who can and will often speak English – which really clarifies many things is chatting to a woman in Seattle in a recording from a few years ago.  He is apparently the most popular spiritual champion on YouTube, which is an odd category, but that’s why I can receive messages via YouTube in friggin’ Germany while he’s in India or else…during moments when he has fallen into the extremely bizarre social condition the Dalai Lama has fallen into: being a real jet setter.  The Pope is probably more sensible there with the Vatican and not constantly on the run – learning to meditate along with the roar of the jet engines at 500mph.  Since I’m in Germany, that’s 700kph and 30,000 feet – even higher than a Himalayan peak….[LOL, but true].  Anyways, for those who have learned the stories about Jesus Christ’s life, there is nothing weirder in terms of ‘spiritual feats and wonder’ found in these people….but I’m the kind of person who feels it validates the life of Christ more than casts it into doubt.  The doubt it causes me: is simply that I look at the life of JC and think – was this really just a high quality bit of ethnocentric religion – but Judaism rather than Druidry or Hinduism?  Was that ‘just’ the tribal leader and spiritual head?  I mean, that was not weird for the time in which he lived, and in many parts of the world today, that method is still used,….but for a society that hasn’t handled it that way – where the political leader and top cleric is the same person…Its pretty weird and maybe backward or just old fashioned.

What does that have to do with Gezka and Kiel?  Not that much.  The greatest thing for them is that since they live in a fictional world, neither of them has aged even a day since I first generated a draft about them way back in 1989.  When I wrote the first draft the first time, I made Gezka 2 years older than me, and made Kiel way older than me – 23 and 52 years old.  Well, now I’m 44 but she’s still 23 and he’s still 52.  That’s the difference between being an author and being a human being in the real world – er no, sorry, that’s the reality of being a real author and them being fictional people.

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