A little more about Kiel Bronson

Kiel is proud to be an Earthling.  He lives in an era where there are approximately 10 billion humans living off of planet Earth.  The furthest human colonization is roughly 35 Light Years from Sol.

Kiel has had neither the easiest nor the hardest life prior to when readers get to meet him in the first novel in which he appears.  He has 52 years of life experience in an age where at least half of human Earthlings have a life expectancy of 145 years.  It took a  virtual miracle of medicine and planetary food production for that change to occur, and a little bit of breeding.  It turned out that in the old days, the natural human life span ranged from as short as 40 years to as long as 250 – but with chaos, cross breeding, and unnatural causes of death, the global average made little sense for thousands of years.  Circa 2500 CE, humans began to unravel the mystery and to improve efforts to control their own destinies.

Because of that, Kiel felt somewhat mature but certainly nowhere near ‘old’ at the age of 52, but he had long accepted that people who were still living from childhood would probably see him that way.

Kiel was a man of moderation.  To the gentle, he was a harsh tough man but to those dedicated to warfare and chaos he was a mellow fellow, who managed to defend himself when forced by others.   He was reasonably educated, more than some and far less than others.  He was a mulatto, which was not uncommon in the region he had come from, but was only one of 4 or 5 ‘norms’ on Earth.  He had spent most of his life in the Americas, mainly North America but had also done time off the planet.

His off world experience was about 15 years in total.  He had spent 5 years living on the Moon and another 10 moving through space: spending a year or two at a space station or stationed as part of the military.

He was strangely wise, for what he was.  Kiel was really a working class man.  He felt good about himself within the confines of knowing he would spend his entire life as one of the little people – he didn’t expect society to ever view him as being special, but of course – he was a powerful and likeable and effective man so he had made many friends and in that respect others had assured him that he was special and important.


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