Today’s blog may not be linear in nature.  When I look out the window today I see a lot of fresh living green on the local trees.  Decades ago, Robin Williams pointed out the Spring feeling, “Yo Baby, nice foliage.  I see you have some new blossoms.”  The local shrubs literally have new blossoms – right now.

Last night, at half past 9pm I rode home from singing German hymns with ‘the girls’.  Mostly older women, but a few others also still middle aged….but as 80 is the new 60, they are probably just older middle aged women, not old women.

Here is a clip from a man who has a strange life story.  The important points to you may not be what stands out to me.  ‘Duh’.   That’s pretty normal.

Oh, when I was on that ride with the local German women, we chatted briefly about how it was still daylight.  Two weeks ago that was not true.

It was actually warm again today, not even hot, but actually warm.  In that respect I guess we have the opposite of India and the Middle East and part of Africa.

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