Who is Gezka FaucMerz?

Having just come from another author’s blog about characters, I’d like to introduce to you Gezka FaucMerz.

Gezka is a young woman of 23 years.  She does not think of herself as a woman or even as a human being.  There is a specific reason why that is.  Having been genetically engineered for lifetime service in Emperor Reijkyavik’s Naav, they have taught the soldier that she is a piece of military hardware.  There is great honor in this, but it is not to be confused with being ‘a person’ in the way that citizens of the Empire see themselves as people.  So, soldiering is number one but one of the best aspects of Gezka’s life is the certainty of her place in life.  In her reality there is no such thing as ‘wondering what type of work to go into’.  Also, there are no ‘marriage issues’ because as a Naav soldier, the administration will send breeding papers at ‘the right time’.  Like her parents, mates are assigned by the service to enhance the genetic modifications as part of the military’s breeding program.

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