A little more on Gezka FaucMerz – will also touch on real life

Gezka is a proud member of Emperor Rejkyavik’s Naav [even though, after years of practice I am still not able to spell the name of Iceland’s capital, and the capital of this intersteller off Earth empire, consistently correctly].  Her family has a recorded lineage of 5 generations serving as lifelong members of the armed forces.   Proud to be genetically engineered for this purpose – she has a strong built-in sense of purpose in life.  Unlike so many Earthlings she never doubts what the meaning of her life is.

Also unlike many insecure people in the real world, but also in other fictional realms, Gezka is not insecure about fulfilling her destiny.  She has already been able to fulfill much of it and more is on the way.  The first time this changes is when she goes AWOL one day at the age of 23 without understanding her own behavior.  Normally, her sense of self is as clear as water.

Gezka feels experienced because she is.  She began serving as an active military soldier rather than as a student cadet at the age of 15, giving her the obvious 8 years of experience of life on as well as off the battlefield.  She has been assigned to fulfill infantry duties until age 30 or until promotion or death – whichever comes first.

That is how she is when she meets Kiel Bronson for the first time.

Meanwhile, in real life: it is a beautiful warm day today in NW Germany.  I wore a skirt and rejoiced while riding my bicycle that I was on a WOMAN’S BIKE.  Women’s bicycles are designed to make it safer and easier to use WHILE WEARING A SKIRT OR DRESS.  I am unusually sensitive about this because the majority of bicycles – or at least 50% have been hand me down male style bicycles.  So it is a relief and feels special.

Truth & Lies

‎50% of lies are intended protect the liars personal truth, or beliefs about the truth from being attacked by others who do not believe all of the same truths. Also, there is a margin of error for every individual – since every time someone believes a lie or a falsehood – whether by accident or on purpose…the person will express that falsehood with the vigor of someone professing the truth.  *This is my personal belief.  In philosophy I was taught that the best one can do is to hold a true, justified belief.  This means that the belief is actually correct knowledge but can still called a belief – especially if in a heated argument you observe others calling your knowledge false beliefs. **This was inspired by one of the posts I read on FB today.

Meanwhile, my father constructively criticized ‘the blog’.  Well, I can tell you that I am not ProBlogger, but I have written a few blogs professionally.

Mainly, I am hoping to reach friends and people interested in Uranian Fiction with this blog….Rather like meeting an author at the pub or because she’s teaching you a class than when you meet at the book signing…This is not the only blog where I make some posts.

Kiel, Gezka and Today in Real Life

Let me just start by apologizing to anyone who noticed and was disappointed that I did not blog for a few days.  The reason I did not was that I didn’t have the feeling is what reaching very many people or doing what I was hoping it would do.

In the background some living Vedic Hindu spiritual master who can and will often speak English – which really clarifies many things is chatting to a woman in Seattle in a recording from a few years ago.  He is apparently the most popular spiritual champion on YouTube, which is an odd category, but that’s why I can receive messages via YouTube in friggin’ Germany while he’s in India or else…during moments when he has fallen into the extremely bizarre social condition the Dalai Lama has fallen into: being a real jet setter.  The Pope is probably more sensible there with the Vatican and not constantly on the run – learning to meditate along with the roar of the jet engines at 500mph.  Since I’m in Germany, that’s 700kph and 30,000 feet – even higher than a Himalayan peak….[LOL, but true].  Anyways, for those who have learned the stories about Jesus Christ’s life, there is nothing weirder in terms of ‘spiritual feats and wonder’ found in these people….but I’m the kind of person who feels it validates the life of Christ more than casts it into doubt.  The doubt it causes me: is simply that I look at the life of JC and think – was this really just a high quality bit of ethnocentric religion – but Judaism rather than Druidry or Hinduism?  Was that ‘just’ the tribal leader and spiritual head?  I mean, that was not weird for the time in which he lived, and in many parts of the world today, that method is still used,….but for a society that hasn’t handled it that way – where the political leader and top cleric is the same person…Its pretty weird and maybe backward or just old fashioned.

What does that have to do with Gezka and Kiel?  Not that much.  The greatest thing for them is that since they live in a fictional world, neither of them has aged even a day since I first generated a draft about them way back in 1989.  When I wrote the first draft the first time, I made Gezka 2 years older than me, and made Kiel way older than me – 23 and 52 years old.  Well, now I’m 44 but she’s still 23 and he’s still 52.  That’s the difference between being an author and being a human being in the real world – er no, sorry, that’s the reality of being a real author and them being fictional people.

A little more about Kiel Bronson

Kiel is proud to be an Earthling.  He lives in an era where there are approximately 10 billion humans living off of planet Earth.  The furthest human colonization is roughly 35 Light Years from Sol.

Kiel has had neither the easiest nor the hardest life prior to when readers get to meet him in the first novel in which he appears.  He has 52 years of life experience in an age where at least half of human Earthlings have a life expectancy of 145 years.  It took a  virtual miracle of medicine and planetary food production for that change to occur, and a little bit of breeding.  It turned out that in the old days, the natural human life span ranged from as short as 40 years to as long as 250 – but with chaos, cross breeding, and unnatural causes of death, the global average made little sense for thousands of years.  Circa 2500 CE, humans began to unravel the mystery and to improve efforts to control their own destinies.

Because of that, Kiel felt somewhat mature but certainly nowhere near ‘old’ at the age of 52, but he had long accepted that people who were still living from childhood would probably see him that way.

Kiel was a man of moderation.  To the gentle, he was a harsh tough man but to those dedicated to warfare and chaos he was a mellow fellow, who managed to defend himself when forced by others.   He was reasonably educated, more than some and far less than others.  He was a mulatto, which was not uncommon in the region he had come from, but was only one of 4 or 5 ‘norms’ on Earth.  He had spent most of his life in the Americas, mainly North America but had also done time off the planet.

His off world experience was about 15 years in total.  He had spent 5 years living on the Moon and another 10 moving through space: spending a year or two at a space station or stationed as part of the military.

He was strangely wise, for what he was.  Kiel was really a working class man.  He felt good about himself within the confines of knowing he would spend his entire life as one of the little people – he didn’t expect society to ever view him as being special, but of course – he was a powerful and likeable and effective man so he had made many friends and in that respect others had assured him that he was special and important.


Living as a foreigner – a transdimensional theme

In real life, as most of you know, I am living as a foreigner because my son is not actually foreign in my country or this one….the purpose of the time here, for him, is so that he can become familiar enough with one of his own nations to be able to function like a native – this is way more like being at home than visiting friends.  Of course, part of what makes it funny is that it isn’t the same way for me.

Gezka and Kiel both deal with being foreign as well.   They are a fictional team, not a married couple and not parent & child – but Kiel is old enough to be Gezka’s father.  They are foreign to each other and spend most of the first novel where at least one of them is foreign.  When I first came up with them, I had not ever lived in a foreign nation and doing so was not even in my plans.  This gives me a feeling I associate with Neil Gaiman who has pointed out that experience does teach writers things, but what is taught and learned is not necessarily anything like what one might have imagined would have been.

This is the 2nd time I have spent living as a foreigner for a while.  I’m seeking to find the way that I will ‘fit in’.  I’m assuming that part of ‘fitting in’ will include being ‘odd’ or ‘unusual’ and not that I will fit in by blending in nondescriptly.

We all have our ways.  Perhaps what frightens me as much as sticking out as radically different is a fear of being an indistinguishable an individual as the local birds.  In my neighborhood in real life I have begun to seek to differentiate and recognize individual birds.  Cats and dogs and people and trees are much easier….so it’s “Is that just one of the same kind, or can I tell who that one is?”

If they are migratory animals, they may only be here for the growing season…but if so, are they foreign?

What did you really learn? – Openess Tip

Well, people like to experience trust and like to know the truth.  At the same time, most of us, at least in the USA have been taught that there are many occasions when it is wisest to keep information to oneself.  This goes far beyond ‘if you can’t say anything nice don’t say anything at all.’

Most of us also know that control of information is important…and that we need ‘the right people’ to know about our goals and preferences and at the same time, in general we often do not want our opposition to know the same information.

This can make life a little strange for people.  People can feel they receive too much or too little information. This is true in both personal and professional life.

This morning on the Internet, I saw an advertisement for a teleseminar about spiritual education.  The first message that I received was that it became clear that it was actually just about the need for people to be open and honest with one another when they communicate.

Intriguing because that is one of the very things we have been taught so much to not do.

If you are like me you have been taught to not be completely open or truthful so much that the suggestion that you do so, seems more like someone trying to persuade a mouse that the mouse trap won’t really hurt it than anything else.

Most of us judge our closest relationships as being ones in which we are actually able to be more open and honest and still have mutual love and trust and even like and functionality.

Of course, if people reach a stage of development where one is oneself with everyone…then, do we have to change how we rate intimacy?

In reality, in my own life one of the greatest benefits of 12 step work was that I ended up in a situation where people were practicing honest communication.  Confidentiality is also key – which is always ironic….Keep my secrets from others and I will open to you…Such is the world.

Like many of you I prefer to ‘just be myself’ and often it works well but sometimes it really doesn’t do anything except make me realize that I don’t fit in or am surrounded by opponents rather than allies.  When it actually does work, it can be a bit of an adjustment to realize that I spent 35 years keeping secrets I didn’t need to keep simply because I was so afraid.  Weird.  Maybe something like that happened to you to – you never know.  Or do you?

A lot of the time, the truth ‘comes out’ one way or another.  300 years from now, if they get the paperwork they will know whether you had just one boyfriend or girlfriend or a bunch.  They will know whether you were a crook or straightlaced or something in between – I think a lot of people behave well often but not all the time.

In reality, this is food for thought.  The screen of the laptop makes me more relaxed about being more open in certain ways: I’m at home where I currently feel safe because I am: which is a bonus because even lucky me has had times when I really wasn’t even safe at home…which is creepy…So, I’m safe and relaxed and that, combined with not being intimidated by the way anyone is looking at me makes it even easier to write what I think and feel.

I’m sure this is a type of experience that…hundreds of millions of people have.  Isn’t that awesome but weird when its like that?  I like my individuality and yet, even my rarest traits are found in another 3 or 4 million people…that’s not exactly ‘nobody else’.  That’s as many people as there are living in Scotland or Tibet.

Who’s Kiel Bronson?!

Kiel Bronson is a man in his early 50s.  He comes from planet Earth.  He is what we would call mulatto in this century.  He does not live in this century.  He resides in the 33rd century using the calendar that puts us in the 21st century today.

He is the co-star in the same story that introduces us to Gezka FaucMerz.

When I first created these characters I wasn’t sure what was going to happen.  Kiel is neither the worst nor the best of human character.  His sense of morality and behavior have their ups and downs.

In truth, his virtues are brought forth by his relationship with Gezka, but they are both in situations and are types of entities that most decent people would be thrilled to never have contact with in real life.  That’s OK – there is a reason why it is only a story.


Today’s blog may not be linear in nature.  When I look out the window today I see a lot of fresh living green on the local trees.  Decades ago, Robin Williams pointed out the Spring feeling, “Yo Baby, nice foliage.  I see you have some new blossoms.”  The local shrubs literally have new blossoms – right now.

Last night, at half past 9pm I rode home from singing German hymns with ‘the girls’.  Mostly older women, but a few others also still middle aged….but as 80 is the new 60, they are probably just older middle aged women, not old women.

Here is a clip from a man who has a strange life story.  The important points to you may not be what stands out to me.  ‘Duh’.   That’s pretty normal.

Oh, when I was on that ride with the local German women, we chatted briefly about how it was still daylight.  Two weeks ago that was not true.

It was actually warm again today, not even hot, but actually warm.  In that respect I guess we have the opposite of India and the Middle East and part of Africa.

Who is Gezka FaucMerz?

Having just come from another author’s blog about characters, I’d like to introduce to you Gezka FaucMerz.

Gezka is a young woman of 23 years.  She does not think of herself as a woman or even as a human being.  There is a specific reason why that is.  Having been genetically engineered for lifetime service in Emperor Reijkyavik’s Naav, they have taught the soldier that she is a piece of military hardware.  There is great honor in this, but it is not to be confused with being ‘a person’ in the way that citizens of the Empire see themselves as people.  So, soldiering is number one but one of the best aspects of Gezka’s life is the certainty of her place in life.  In her reality there is no such thing as ‘wondering what type of work to go into’.  Also, there are no ‘marriage issues’ because as a Naav soldier, the administration will send breeding papers at ‘the right time’.  Like her parents, mates are assigned by the service to enhance the genetic modifications as part of the military’s breeding program.

Criticism of social progress

Freedom for all of the adult population has been a long time coming.  I am very pleased to learn that we have made some tangible and invisible progress.  I think this is all good.  Even so, we have a long way to go – or so it seems to me.  That includes:

Our real problem is that incarceration is legal slavery in the USA. There are numerous corporations dependent upon the slave labor of those in penitentiaries. This makes the incarceration of people – in some locations, young black men, in other locations women of all races, in other cases men in general who earn below a certian threshold or something….victims of targeted ‘re-enslavement’ without admitting that that’s what it really is. Personally, I strongly agree that being a minority does not give people the right to engage in criminal activity – but I equally strongly agree that it is necessary to nurture a just state where equality of opportunity helps to prevent the rationalization of crime – esp. amongst the poor on the oppression of other members of the same society [especially when that is the real reason].

I am against slavery. I do believe that reform for criminal behavior is a legitimate social enterprise.