The Latest News? – Professionalism and Personalism

Today, I just saw over at CNN that the Norwegians have captured the person who went on a rampage and murdered a bunch of people – was that last year?

A few months ago now, we toyed around with vegetarianism: some cleric suggested it.  I don’t always do what clerics suggest, but took it seriously enough to check out what we could do here at home.  The bottom line is that at least while he’s growing, my son doesn’t really want to be.  We do of course have food he likes that has no meat in it.  I hope you all have a lot in your diet that is not meat.  I heard a rumor once that ideally we should learn to go without eating and that if we get our pranic relationship right and our biochemistry adjusts we need far less than we have been led to believe; the Sun and the air provide more support than we are usually able to use.  I also heard a rumor that the old Brahmin – not as a social caste but as spiritual leaders and practitioners would do nuts, berries, fruits, flowers etc so that they could eat without any creatures needing to die for it.  I have tried that a few times, as I like the Hippie Peace Nick Nonviolent Lovey Cute motivation behind it.  It works out ….in some ways it just means ‘eat like a poor college student’ – lol, but harsh [insert pained laughter here] – it does get awkward at times, but it can work quite well.  However, I admit that so far in this life, I have only eaten like that for a few days, but have probably had more vegetarian style days than meat eater days….Like the rest of you humans, I’m an omnivore.  I eat meat sometimes if I need a dose of intense protein and now and then the flavor.  I dislike how it gets caught in the teeth and I think too much of it is really disgusting and unecessary.  The longest I have been able to comfortably go without meat is 2 or 3 weeks, but sometimes 4 or 5….but seriously, a couple times a month is plenty for a lot of people.

Well, I hadn’t really expected today’s topic to be that, exactly.  Like the rest of the writers I am still seeking contracts, making submissions and looking at most of real life knowing that many moments have part of the next fiction story I write in them, but I can’t always tell which ones.

The Original Topic

What I had planned to write about today, is YouTube video promotions.  Like so many of you, I have made some to promote my books and writing business.  Like many beginners I feel hopeful and yet intimidated when I see what more professionally advanced people have achieved.  The last time I checked them over, some were good but at least one was a disaster in that the sound didn’t work.  Many of you who haven’t mentioned it, probably also check to see how often these things are being viewed.  I am still having trouble with some aspects of awareness – I still don’t have a copy of any of the nonfiction books that I was a ghostwriter on which have been published and I don’t know how well they are selling.  I have not seen the views or sales of the Kindle version of the novel in ages.  Things of that nature.

Starring Aries

This past week I have finally picked up on a couple of birthdays which I had not learned.  I had learned that the lady who was my official stepmother for 35 years is an Aries; she’s actually also smart and left-handed by sheer coincidence.  Well, today is her birthday.  For some reason although I learned her sun sign, I suffered from not really getting her actual birth date, whereas I did learn the birthdays of all the right handed immediate type of relatives in childhood and learned many in-law and husband and best buddy type of friends birthdays as an adult.

Just a few days ago a man who did a 1 year stint as my first serious boyfriend back when he was only 17 & 18 in 1985-1986 also had his birthday. He’s not a lefty.

Meanwhile, there is also at least one woman who was my best friend for 4 years or so: our children were friends – I have one, she now has 3 or 4 but back then had one and then 2 daughters…she’s also a bright Aries, but not a lefty.

In truth, what is comes down to is that: although I have not memorized the birthdays of everyone I like, I run proud about the birthdays I have memorized.  Why that is, I don’t know.  You probably don’t know either.

Pre-Release of books tension – a day in Doerverden

Today, here in the beautific village of Doerverden the birds around my current home have been chirping a great deal.  There are at least 4 species who’s calls I recognize.  It sounds rather dramatic a lot of the time but since I don’t understand their languages I am not very clear on what it is all about.

Spring was profound in its effect today, with warm weather.

Thanks to plenty of activity and some interaction, getting a few things done and some time with my son, my mood is pretty good.

Meanwhile, I still have “pre book release tension” [yes, it is a pun reference to sexual or pre menstrual tension] with 2 due out ‘anytime now’.   It doesn’t affect my ability to sleep much so it isn’t like pregnancy when its pre-birth tension.

Doerverden Journal delivered 2012

The local village has printed up and delivered the season’s Deorverden Journal.  There is a photograph of a goat on the front page.  Of course this means something.  You know how incredible it is to open a newspaper and see people who you have met.  Well, this time, I opened the Journal and saw photos of local farm animals I have met.  Some I have only seen in passing – riding my bike or walking past their home pasture. Crazy?  Only if you are not used to the countryside.  There were women of the local Schutzenhalle as well.  That’s one of the village’s important community organizations that isn’t the church or a government agency.

A little deeper into the Doerverden Journal there was another photo of two beauty queens together.  One a young human woman in a shiny green dress and with her one of the mother goats – probably also quite the beauty amongst local maternal goats – at least a star in their fold.

That’s really what its like around here.  Now you know:  bricks and also goats.  There’s more but I’ll share about it a little at a time.

What am I doing and why am I doing it?

Today, I’d like to start with a quote from Problogging Success:


If there’s One Silver Bullet to Building a Business, it’s Consistency.

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Guest post by Jeremy

Ever been in a physical workout, you start to “feel the burn” and immediately your brain begins to scale back your effort? It’s almost at a subconscious level that it happens, you have to recognize it, and fight back.

That’s how I feel with my business from time to time. Luckily for me I’ve also done the opposite of what my brain tells me to do, I push down the accelerator and redline for the next 30 seconds of the workout.

Every time I go for redline, the results are exactly what I was hoping for. If I go the lazy route…well you get the idea.

A little history.

Not too long ago a couple business partners and I started a blog and software service. We all have a long history and background in SEO, general IT and web development. We all work 9-5 day jobs, but have a passion for something greater, mainly the freedom that comes with it.

Our latest venture together has been going for about 6 months, working nights and weekends as we find time, but lately we’ve really started to get in a groove. We motivate ourselves, motivate each other when needed, and take action any time we get a chance.

More history.

The two partners and I have a history, mainly a history of failing together. We’ve had the BIG ideas and always seem to have an excuse for why things didn’t really work out the way they should have. So, what have we done to change?

A different mindset

The first thing we talked about was the goal of the business. Ask yourself, why am I doing this, or why are we doing this? Sure everyone wants to make money online, but were we starting it for the right reasons? In this case we are, the business idea and reasons around it were all related to solving a real world problem we had identified that we felt only a few companies were solving for. Not only that, the problem and solution are in the industry we love, which helps us stay motivated. In our previous failures, the first reason for starting the company was always “to make money”.

What am I doing?  To be blunt, in the beginning it was not my idea to “work online” as the ladies of Problogging Success refer to above.  What happened was that I got deeply involved with the different ideas in my head about developing into a philosophy professor who is a novelist on the side and a Mommy and some girl who likes to have fun and has accepted that either  “some job” or the right “boyfriend or husband type guy” can help there be financially stability.

What happened was that way way back in the 1990s when I became a mother and was part way through higher education – I had the BS degree which is enough for a lot of things but not for being a professor, so I needed more education.  I had written a novel while an undergraduate but it ended up being a victim of utter chaos when I was dumped by a man just months after he had married me – think 18 shades of scarlet red screaming hissy fit and you begin to understand how I felt about that.  Somehow my first novel manuscript ended up as a victim who never made it to a publisher – maybe someday?  but taught me that maybe I’m really a novelist.  Well, I decided to try to get some type of additional training or credentialing so I signed up to the Writer’s Bureau.  I took forever or longer, it seemed.  Now and then I would write something beyond a love poem to my boyfriend-baby father-husband [I did marry him but not before our baby showed up] and sometimes I would even do the homework they told me to do.  That was also weird because within the traditional academic context I was a rather diligent student, but with the Writers Bureau I was pretty bad.  Ten entire years later, a woman suggested that I try Google to find professional writing opps and I did and stumbled upon  I tried it and actually landed my first contracts.  Thanks to that I graduated from the Writer’s Bureau in this new fangled untraditional way.  Because of that, and the fact that when a contract comes through one can get paid as quickly as in a normal job, I have been doing that.  My love life suffered from chaos again, more than once and so I found myself backed into the corner of freelancing and when my 3rd husband dumped me even though I was financially dependent on him and really needed him…and I did not suck up to him because he needed to apologize to me but just divorced me instead of saying he was sorry…I ended up warped out of working a day job…having not grown my career, but having started and having tried to time it with my son’s growth…and because of that I’m a freelancing Mom.

Easter – what really happened this year?

Happy Easter to all the Christians out there.  Happy Springtime, lambing season to everyone out there!

Here, well, I regretted not being able to visit parents and siblings today, but enjoyed that my son was here this morning and will be back this evening.

I didn’t even go to church.  They don’t have my normal denomination here, but I have attended a local church since I like JC and Lutheran is one of 2 choices around here and its good to mingle with the locals.  Instead I just stayed home with my kid.

I have spent an hour or so in the sunshine today.  It was nicer today than yesterday here.

Hope you all have had a great Easter!

Message from Doerverden – which is in “the Moin” part of Germany

Thanks to chatting, albeit briefly with a few locals – “auf Deutsch” I have learned that they take the Thursday and Friday off before Easter and according to the cashier – who is a classy woman older than I am but by less than 20 years, they follow the Easter which is tomorrow.

This means that I still don’t understand why the church is doing the Easter breakfast the following week unless what is really happening is that I do not understand North German protocols for polite deceit.  Also, I received a signal in the mail from an insurance company I had thought told me No, which I why I went and got another one.  This other one told me yes, but today I found a magazine from the other one and am now not sure if my son made a mistake and it really is that they both told me Yes.

The local Oster Feste is about to start.  I might go.  I might like it.  It is chilly out today but very light.