What’s in it for you?

Blogs, especially amongst writers are supposed to help readers.  Then I suppose it helps you if we focus on who this blog is for and why.

The reason for the blog is to find people who want to read the fiction and nonfiction that I write for 2 major purposes:  1) because they are interested.  They will be entertained, mentally and emotionally stimulated.  There is a good chance that readers will learn something and enjoy the process of doing so.  2) I need to earn a living and would like to be paid for doing meaningful work that actually involves using  some of my best abilities.

The secondary reasons are things like: a) keeping in touch with friends and relatives, b) connecting with other writers, c) the therapy of openess/self expression.

Tomorrow let’s look at juvenile fiction again.

Meanwhile, just to give you all a head’s up:  I am looking at Germany in terms of what future stories I write are going to be set here.

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