Apologies for yesterday’s Absence

To those of you you have actually bothered to read the blog: I apologize to you for not blogging yesterday.

I can tell you that I did mow the lawn yesterday.  This is Doerverden where the joke is that such an event is news worthy.   A man helped me start the mower: this time it was the husband-father 30 something who is buying the house.  He was here with his father-in-law who is 50 something.

Spring in Germany:  well, the days are as long or longer than they are at the Summer Solstice where I grew up and in Indianapolis, but it is nowhere nearly as warm.  If it had not been for the years I lived in England the amount of daylight alone would make me feel as if I were really losing me mind.  In fact, that was how I reacted to it the first 2 years in England.  “I must be losing my mind – I’m hearing morning song birds at 3am!”  but I wasn’t really going crazy.  Weird.

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