Getting perspective: Amateurs & Experienced Professionals  This video is awesome.  To be truthful, I have really appreciated that has helped me to get writing contracts and experience.  At the same time, the sad truth is that some of the people looking to hire writers think it is as easy as the guy in this video.

What was nice was the perspective.  Personally, what convinced me that I could write a novel is that I did.  The first draft took 6 months and two massive rounds of editing later, I had a really decent first novel.  That one never made it – I still think maybe someday it will, but because of that, I found out that I could.

Now, over 20 years later, after numerous writing contracts and all manner of other life experiences, Alethia Publishing has An Adventure in Indianapolis – the 2nd novel that I wrote, but the first to get as far as being submitted and picked up by a publisher. Naturally, I had to promote self published versions and submit it about 40 times before it was picked up…and no, they didn’t send me a huge check.

On Facebook nowadays, there are 20 or even 30 other professional writers.  Most of them have more publishing experience than myself and have earned way more money writing professionally than I have.

It is really quite different to deal with people who have never written one and then to deal with people who have done it more and have way more experience and success being published than myself.  Of course, there are others like me.

At this point I have ghostwritten 7 full length books, and has authored 2 novels, and have ghostwritten another 4 or 5 half length nonfiction books.  In reality, at this point I feel pretty clear on the difference between ghostwriting and being the author simply because even when I ghostwrite the whole thing, or an entire draft – which I have done in 50% of cases or so, I can tell subjectively that I would not author this story.  I mean, I can just tell the idea is not mine.  “I’m not like that.”

Anyway, check out the video and get perspective!

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