Uranian Fiction – what is it?

Uranian Fiction is:  1) the name for one author’s fiction stories.  This covers juvenile and adult fiction, both short stories and long ones.

Why does it has its own name, why not just call it by the author’s name?  For the same reason that Aunt Martha’s best cookies are called chocolate chip and almond cookies rather than calling them Martha Stockbroker, or Martha Stockbroker’s cookies.

Friends ask, “Martha, can we get some of those cookies?”  Not, “We want you Martha – supply us.”  and Martha’s like “What?”  and they’re like, “those cookies; we want some of those cookies you bake.”

OK, now that you all understand that.

2) Uranian Fiction:  is often experimental.  Much of it is science fiction.  In the long run, it is fiction written after “the outer planets of the solar system were discovered” and people realized that the nutcase with the telescope and the math was not delusional.

3) Some Uranian Fiction is for kids.  For instance, if it is a Jimmy Bodeilo story, you can be sure it is for children.  Most of the kids stuff right now, is for ‘big kids’ – old enough to dress themselves and sleep alone, and able to read for themselves. It might not always be that way.  So, just ‘be aware’.

4) Uranian Fiction is sometimes for adults.  As the name implies, there may be strange subjects….and scenarios…radioactivity has not become any less serious, with last year’s disaster in Japan reminding everyone how true that really is.  At the same time, we also know that uranium occurs in nature and is not really our enemy.  Sometimes when people are ‘onto something’ but still don’t fully understand they just get a feeling about it.  For example: many Native American tribal peoples who came across terrain that contained natural deposits of uranium found that somehow, someone in the tribe “got a weird feeling about it” and the area was often set apart or treated as special and different.  Well, they were right, weren’t they?  Uranian Fiction does not wish to be “a danger” but does hope to stand out for people as being ‘that different’ from average fiction.


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