The Latest News? – Professionalism and Personalism

Today, I just saw over at CNN that the Norwegians have captured the person who went on a rampage and murdered a bunch of people – was that last year?

A few months ago now, we toyed around with vegetarianism: some cleric suggested it.  I don’t always do what clerics suggest, but took it seriously enough to check out what we could do here at home.  The bottom line is that at least while he’s growing, my son doesn’t really want to be.  We do of course have food he likes that has no meat in it.  I hope you all have a lot in your diet that is not meat.  I heard a rumor once that ideally we should learn to go without eating and that if we get our pranic relationship right and our biochemistry adjusts we need far less than we have been led to believe; the Sun and the air provide more support than we are usually able to use.  I also heard a rumor that the old Brahmin – not as a social caste but as spiritual leaders and practitioners would do nuts, berries, fruits, flowers etc so that they could eat without any creatures needing to die for it.  I have tried that a few times, as I like the Hippie Peace Nick Nonviolent Lovey Cute motivation behind it.  It works out ….in some ways it just means ‘eat like a poor college student’ – lol, but harsh [insert pained laughter here] – it does get awkward at times, but it can work quite well.  However, I admit that so far in this life, I have only eaten like that for a few days, but have probably had more vegetarian style days than meat eater days….Like the rest of you humans, I’m an omnivore.  I eat meat sometimes if I need a dose of intense protein and now and then the flavor.  I dislike how it gets caught in the teeth and I think too much of it is really disgusting and unecessary.  The longest I have been able to comfortably go without meat is 2 or 3 weeks, but sometimes 4 or 5….but seriously, a couple times a month is plenty for a lot of people.

Well, I hadn’t really expected today’s topic to be that, exactly.  Like the rest of the writers I am still seeking contracts, making submissions and looking at most of real life knowing that many moments have part of the next fiction story I write in them, but I can’t always tell which ones.

The Original Topic

What I had planned to write about today, is YouTube video promotions.  Like so many of you, I have made some to promote my books and writing business.  Like many beginners I feel hopeful and yet intimidated when I see what more professionally advanced people have achieved.  The last time I checked them over, some were good but at least one was a disaster in that the sound didn’t work.  Many of you who haven’t mentioned it, probably also check to see how often these things are being viewed.  I am still having trouble with some aspects of awareness – I still don’t have a copy of any of the nonfiction books that I was a ghostwriter on which have been published and I don’t know how well they are selling.  I have not seen the views or sales of the Kindle version of the novel in ages.  Things of that nature.

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