Doerverden Journal delivered 2012

The local village has printed up and delivered the season’s Deorverden Journal.  There is a photograph of a goat on the front page.  Of course this means something.  You know how incredible it is to open a newspaper and see people who you have met.  Well, this time, I opened the Journal and saw photos of local farm animals I have met.  Some I have only seen in passing – riding my bike or walking past their home pasture. Crazy?  Only if you are not used to the countryside.  There were women of the local Schutzenhalle as well.  That’s one of the village’s important community organizations that isn’t the church or a government agency.

A little deeper into the Doerverden Journal there was another photo of two beauty queens together.  One a young human woman in a shiny green dress and with her one of the mother goats – probably also quite the beauty amongst local maternal goats – at least a star in their fold.

That’s really what its like around here.  Now you know:  bricks and also goats.  There’s more but I’ll share about it a little at a time.

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