What am I doing and why am I doing it?

Today, I’d like to start with a quote from Problogging Success:


If there’s One Silver Bullet to Building a Business, it’s Consistency.

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Guest post by Jeremy

Ever been in a physical workout, you start to “feel the burn” and immediately your brain begins to scale back your effort? It’s almost at a subconscious level that it happens, you have to recognize it, and fight back.

That’s how I feel with my business from time to time. Luckily for me I’ve also done the opposite of what my brain tells me to do, I push down the accelerator and redline for the next 30 seconds of the workout.

Every time I go for redline, the results are exactly what I was hoping for. If I go the lazy route…well you get the idea.

A little history.

Not too long ago a couple business partners and I started a blog and software service. We all have a long history and background in SEO, general IT and web development. We all work 9-5 day jobs, but have a passion for something greater, mainly the freedom that comes with it.

Our latest venture together has been going for about 6 months, working nights and weekends as we find time, but lately we’ve really started to get in a groove. We motivate ourselves, motivate each other when needed, and take action any time we get a chance.

More history.

The two partners and I have a history, mainly a history of failing together. We’ve had the BIG ideas and always seem to have an excuse for why things didn’t really work out the way they should have. So, what have we done to change?

A different mindset

The first thing we talked about was the goal of the business. Ask yourself, why am I doing this, or why are we doing this? Sure everyone wants to make money online, but were we starting it for the right reasons? In this case we are, the business idea and reasons around it were all related to solving a real world problem we had identified that we felt only a few companies were solving for. Not only that, the problem and solution are in the industry we love, which helps us stay motivated. In our previous failures, the first reason for starting the company was always “to make money”.

What am I doing?  To be blunt, in the beginning it was not my idea to “work online” as the ladies of Problogging Success refer to above.  What happened was that I got deeply involved with the different ideas in my head about developing into a philosophy professor who is a novelist on the side and a Mommy and some girl who likes to have fun and has accepted that either  “some job” or the right “boyfriend or husband type guy” can help there be financially stability.

What happened was that way way back in the 1990s when I became a mother and was part way through higher education – I had the BS degree which is enough for a lot of things but not for being a professor, so I needed more education.  I had written a novel while an undergraduate but it ended up being a victim of utter chaos when I was dumped by a man just months after he had married me – think 18 shades of scarlet red screaming hissy fit and you begin to understand how I felt about that.  Somehow my first novel manuscript ended up as a victim who never made it to a publisher – maybe someday?  but taught me that maybe I’m really a novelist.  Well, I decided to try to get some type of additional training or credentialing so I signed up to the Writer’s Bureau.  I took forever or longer, it seemed.  Now and then I would write something beyond a love poem to my boyfriend-baby father-husband [I did marry him but not before our baby showed up] and sometimes I would even do the homework they told me to do.  That was also weird because within the traditional academic context I was a rather diligent student, but with the Writers Bureau I was pretty bad.  Ten entire years later, a woman suggested that I try Google to find professional writing opps and I did and stumbled upon Guru.com.  I tried it and actually landed my first contracts.  Thanks to that I graduated from the Writer’s Bureau in this new fangled untraditional way.  Because of that, and the fact that when a contract comes through one can get paid as quickly as in a normal job, I have been doing that.  My love life suffered from chaos again, more than once and so I found myself backed into the corner of freelancing and when my 3rd husband dumped me even though I was financially dependent on him and really needed him…and I did not suck up to him because he needed to apologize to me but just divorced me instead of saying he was sorry…I ended up warped out of working a day job…having not grown my career, but having started and having tried to time it with my son’s growth…and because of that I’m a freelancing Mom.

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