Message from Doerverden – which is in “the Moin” part of Germany

Thanks to chatting, albeit briefly with a few locals – “auf Deutsch” I have learned that they take the Thursday and Friday off before Easter and according to the cashier – who is a classy woman older than I am but by less than 20 years, they follow the Easter which is tomorrow.

This means that I still don’t understand why the church is doing the Easter breakfast the following week unless what is really happening is that I do not understand North German protocols for polite deceit.  Also, I received a signal in the mail from an insurance company I had thought told me No, which I why I went and got another one.  This other one told me yes, but today I found a magazine from the other one and am now not sure if my son made a mistake and it really is that they both told me Yes.

The local Oster Feste is about to start.  I might go.  I might like it.  It is chilly out today but very light.

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