German Theatre

Movies are a mainstay of the entertainment business in many nations, including Germany.  Here, they blend old and new in ways that most Americans are not used to.  One example is that the Puppet Theatre is visiting the town of Verden for Easter 1 week.  Yes, the source of Punch & Judy – puppet theatre.

Recently, as part of learning the local language and culture, I have found some German films and watched movies in German.  It really is different when the movie is actually German rather than a dubbed English movie.  OK, I admit this is obvious, and like ‘open frat party chat’ but still.  Today, I had that experience of recognizing one of the people from another film.  Once I get to know Germany’s top thespians, it won’t feel so new anymore, but right now it’s a fun way to practice and maybe learn more German – language and culture.

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