Ashley, Naomi, etc. while Sven played League of Legends

This evening while at a MeetUp for Expats and friendly English speaking Germans, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that a couple of the women living near enough to socialize with in person here in “.de” had actually read the blog.  This was a first time for me, so a bit ‘wow’.

Ashley, I did just look for your blog but could not find it.  If you would post a link to it at Facebook or clue me in in some other way, that would be great.

I am happy to be home with my son again.  He played online.  Now, this is the 21st century so I asked who he was playing with as well as which game.  Tonight I added a new question about his subjective feeling about playing with people he has grown relatively close with and those whom he has not.  His answer was not surprising, but it was one of those parenting moments when …well, you know, it is about being in touch with what is really going on with one’s offspring.

Fortunately, tonight’s soup was a success and junior – who is now old enough to be a CIT!! and therefore also qualifies as a full fledged “Junior Man in Training” …helped make the soup.  The only part he needed to do was to watch over it a bit.  This also meant that he was able to have a perfectly fresh serving of “Mom’s homemade soup – which is rather like a stew style of soup, which he helped prepare”.  The other day I read a Facebook post by another woman referring to teaching her teen some cooking basics.  Tonight it was ‘tending a cooking stew’.  I am very glad that he liked it.  I threw it together earlier today.  When I got home I had a serving myself and packed the rest away into containers the Toytown Germany international English speaking crowd inspired me to do when I had the cash for it back around Christmas time.

Thanks to the Internet, Sven was able to Skype with a fellow from his local school: another German and also with some Swedish friends he made over in Indianapolis with whom we have been able to keep in touch.  I have told him truthfully that although the Internet costs around 60Euro/month, that he has been able to contact many people without being disabled by long distance phone charges.  Back in the old days, before Facebook and Skype the long distance fees would have prevented all but dream and psychic contact and snail mail.  In the not as old days, it would be email only.  Sheesh!

On a last note, Ashley did mention that her Mom checked this out to.  Thanks to you to.  My father is also a reader.  I am not clear on who else is.  I try to appreciate you all and to just “be myself”.   Note to Ashley’s Mom:  I’m a little closer to your age than to Ashley’s but pretty much right in between.

Thanks to those not mentioned and to those mentioned.  This is written with me in a good mood because I have been out to a MeetUp and socialized with people I’ve seen before and for reasons other than that I just spent where they work – I appreciate those people to, but its not the same.  Then, I got to come home to my satisfied son and enjoy some homemade stew-like soup.  Cooking tip:  Oregano.

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