Urban Fiction Debut Novel

Thanks to these people, you can have a look at the cover of an Adventure in Indianapolis.  http://www.alethia.co.in/p/catalog.html  Presently, the novel is still in the pre-release phase.

This publisher is based in India.  They accepted the novel while I am living in Germany.  I wrote and edited the novel while living in Indianapolis, where it is set.  The main problem being confronted in the novel is a drug related crime problem that Indiana has actually suffered from.

Indianapolis is a real big city.  Compared to the giant cities, such as Chicago and New York and Mexico City and London, England it is relatively “cute and adorable”.   Settings can be challenging for authors.  I picked Indianapolis for the easiest and cheapest reason: that was where I lived. Since it is, the story was naturally ‘urban’.  What that really means, may depend on your point of view.  For people living in the countryside, urban settings mean something different than they do for everyone to whom urban life is daily life.

As an author, I would not always just choose to write about where I actually lived.  However, often enough it proves to be a good idea.

As a debut novel:  humbled by life, I myself was rather surprised that this novel even emerged from my psyche.  It’s OK; it is just that when I was a 25 year old woman I had assumed that I would only write science fiction novels, making the urban fiction set in the contemporary world – almost set in reality, but still fiction seem pretty wild.

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