Fahren Lernen – Driving in a foreign nation

Fear is not always useless or meaningless.  For some reason I have had fear about driving in a foreign nation.  I do believe that I can, but have not just jumped into a car and gone ahead.  Well, here in Germany, I do want to drive so I have started working on learning how.  So far, I have not been a passenger here much, so I have had fewer opportunities for passive learning.

Little by little I am learning.  Part of this included some driving lessons and a book but now I have a wonderful computer disc system.  One of the many things I am discovering is how the German mentality is different from the American mind set.  Americans tend to expect just one answer to a multiple choice question and to force prioritization even when it is unnatural to do so.  Germans, on the other hand, want you include all relevant information even if that means selecting every option amongst multiple choice answers.  If you get 2 out of 3 they just call you wrong and that’s that.

Another discovery is the source of the anxiety about just jumping into a car and driving in this country.  My experience is not useless, there are many times when it yields correct answers, but then, all of a sudden there is a sign that I am not sure about.  The thought of coming across something like that at 70 mph or just 30 mph but in heavy traffic or rain is understandably terrifying.  OH JUST GUESS!!!


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