Blogging has become famous.  Like so much in life, the results of people’s blogging varies a great deal.  In the best of cases, people end up rich and happy because their blogs ‘go pro’ and advertisers and fan-readers come together.   The other best cases are amateurs for whom blogging does precisely what they had hoped it would do:  keep in touch with a base of friends or relatives or even online fans and nothing else.

Most likely, the majority find their own experience with blogging to be a bit different than either the ideals or the worst case scenarios.  In this case, blogging is intended to help find readers for my professional writing, to be friendly, and to give people a way to get to know me, whether they live around here or not.

As you will all notice: some days are more professional; other days more personal.

Bonding with other writers is nice, but in reality we need publishers and readers more than anything else.


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