Angie’s Diary & Social Media

Writers need readers.  Publishers are often the main interface between the two.  One of the many wonderful online publishers is Angie’s Diary.  Angie’s was founded by a woman who lives in the Netherlands.  While focused on serving women, Angie’s is also open to men.

For professional writers, giving work away and getting paid is part and parcel of the challenge.  Most folks appreciate sharing and the odd freebie.  Most adults are painfully away of the realities of exploitation and slave labor.  Professional writers seek to strike a balance so that they do share but make sure they don’t end up penniless due to having their generosity abused by consumers.

Thanks to these factors, readers can buy materials but can also find things for free.  Kids, housewives, students etc.. are liable to be grateful for the free giveaways.  For workers, the odd free gift is apt to be quite a relief but is not needed the way it is for some.

Social media is another way that services are given, while also sold.  Systems such as this blog, as well as things like Facebook and YouTube and Google all involve money and revenue.  Much like with radio – while everyone loves the free music, the truth is that advertising pays for it and sales of the music are what makes it worth it to artists to go ahead and give it away so much.

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